Family Events



Family Inclusive Events 

Events geared towards families in a social, family friendly and safe environment. We design, plan and create events where specific areas are set for families, adults only and separate spaces for the kids party. We customize and organize the family lounge and kids area according to your event needs and that will help bring your vision to life!

Corporate Events

We can design, plan and produce your next corporate event in a way that your clients, directors, associates or employees and their families will feel included and cared for by your company. We design spaces and activities in separate areas or spaces that can keep the kids separate so parents can attend an award ceremony, a seminar or training session on site as well as cocktail parties before or after gatherings that may or may not include the kids.  The main goal is to bring the family along and shorten the distance away between parents and their children, or to meet other families within the same corporation in order to create friendships and a more amicable and trustworthy work/business atmosphere.


We will make sure to help make your company's event a success! Having professional childcare assistance in a separate, designated space and a system in place will keep children away from the company's event but close enough that parents can check on them as wanted.

Childcare availability helps increase attendance and a professional and safe atmosphere will instill trust and peace of mind so parents can relax and be more productive, attending the event knowing their children are close by and being well taken care of by trustworthy professionals.

Private Events

A separate room in the main event is set up for the children. Where parents have quick and easy access to check on their children's well being and behavior, nurse, feed, comfort as needed. Recommended for smaller events such as weddings, private events, parties.