Family Events

Specializing in Kids Clubs for corporate events and country clubs. A designated space for children so parents can enjoy the event knowing their kids will have a professionally guided party within a party with age appropriate entertainment, toys and activities!!

Kids Playing Volleyball
Carnival Game
Running Children
Happy Kids Huddle
Kids Blowing Bubbles
Group Coloring
Potato Sack Race
Kids with Pony
Scavenger Hunt Map
girls indoor tent

What a pleasure it has been working with you!

You and your staff have been so professional.

We have been very impressed by your planning and organization of activities,

games and your ability to keep the kids so engaged with all of the entertainment you have provided.

Your attention to detail is very impressive!

We appreciate the care given to each individual child and there has never been a concern about any child’s safety.

I would highly recommend your company.

Jodi Foss

Director of Events and Member Relations

North Ranch Country Club

Westlake Village, CA

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