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Making Dreams

Come True

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Juliana Silva Lim started former OC Kinder Party in 2011 when after having her first child proved difficult for her to attend events with or without her son. She wished for the type of service that would provide a safe playroom where professional and responsible sitters could watch and care for the kids while parents attended the event nearby.

And so she decided to create her ideal event childcare service and OCKP was born! Due to confusion with the name, OC Kinder Party became Bloom Family Events in 2019.

Juliana is a mother of two, 14 year old boy JJ and 11 year old girl Joanna and is fully present in her kids daily activities.

Juliana Silva Lim
Founder & Creative Director

Turning a Vision into Reality

Juliana's vision, in order for her to feel comfortable enough to trust, at the time OCKP was created, her 1 year old son to others and outside her safe home environment, she wanted to make sure she could recreate a safe haven, clean, child friendly space. Because of her extensive experience in childcare, she knew just how to do it!

Safety is our first priority when setting up a playroom at an event. We make sure to have age appropriate toys that aren't chocking hazards for babies and little ones for example. Cleanness is another high priority as well as a friendly and respectful relationship between our staff, parents and children in care. 

A Perfectionist on Every Detail 

Our sitters are thoroughly screened and have years of experience. We work mostly with active teachers and well experienced babysitters. Bloom staff wears polished yet comfortable matching outfits. 

Before we set up every playroom, we do a walk through the space and restrooms that will be used by the children to clear of any harmful objects, we check and cover outlets, remove any unwanted items, re-arrange furniture, and clean the kids space if necessary.

We require that every adult dropping off a child in the playroom signs in and provides a name of another authorized adult to pick up their child and contact information as well as any information we need to know about the children in care such as allergies or special attention needs (clingy, first time away from parents, separation anxiety etc)

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